'Autodidact Pedagogue'
'Showdown at Widow's Peak'
'Old News'
'Chide Slide'
'Bad Hair Day'
'Doom Box'
'Winging It'
'Brainer No-Brainer'
'Doom Bloom'
'Breakfast War'
'Unearthed Delights'
'Jester Day'
'New Country'
'Illicit Bang'
'Tiny Catastophes'
'Hollow Chime'
'Pine Slope Hymn'
'Indian Summer'
'Crunching Numbers'
'OK Boom'
'Brave New World Order'
'Bubblegum Inferno'
'Always a Catch'
'Battle Buds'
'Hunger at the Wheel'
'Second Helping'
'Sweet Spot'
'Here Comes The Sun'
'Lemon Drop'
'Candy King'
'Monkey Don't'
 'Buzz Cut'
'Static Weather'
'Slippery Slope'
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Axiom ReduxEDIT
'Strange Rose'
'Flummox Psychophant Kahootz'
Terra Googlis excerpt
Terra Googlis excerpt
Terra Googlis excerpt
Terra Googlis excerpt
Terra Googlis excerpt
'Dead Center'

(born 1985 in Köping, SWE)

is a visual artist splitting his time between Gothenburg (Sweden) and Bergen (Norway).

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is a studio-based investigation into the correlation of pop-culture and history, against a backdrop of post-human philosophies. While the movement forward is firmly grounded in painting, recurring elements include collage, assemblage and recycling, all used in both material ways and on an idea-based level. In this wasteland, nothing goes to waste.

In recent paintings and sculptural works I take on the role of landscape architect: The building blocks are collage-based appropriations mostly scavenged from books on art history, nature photography and atlases, alongside industrial found-object scraps. The mortar holding it all together ranges from resin, glue, varnish and beeswax to acrylics, inks and oil paint. My imagery is assembled on an intersection between geography and geometry, one often so over-populated by details that individual parts are forced to give way to a bigger picture.

The driving force behind the works is a resistance to our apparent need for infinite expansion within a finite space. It is an attempt at coming to terms with the chaos of the contemporary by any means necessary. I try to work this into paintings where it can be deciphered and translated into understanding: Through material-based experiments into representation, symbolism and the idea of the hyper-image, I explore new ways out of seemingly closed and self-destructive systems.


2014 MFA Fine Art, Valand Academy, Gothenburg University, Sweden

2008 BFA Fine Art, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2025 Galleri KC, Konstnärscentrum Väst, Göteborg

2024 Forum Munkedal, c/o Akvatinten

2023 'In Tandem' with Hannah McDonald, Konstepidemin, Göteborg

2023 'Post-Human Garden' Galleri Gerlesborg, Hamburgsund

2022 'Dead Center' c/o ASK, Köping/Hallstahammars Konsthall

2022 'Horseplay' with Maja Kristin Nylander, Hallstahammars Konsthall

2022 'Double Back' with Bergthor Morthens, CG Gallery, Malmö

2016 'Lateral Horizon' Stenhuset Konsthall, Surahammar

2016 'Null Legend', Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

2015 'A Topography of Time' YTAN, Västerås

2014 ‘A Tale of Two Paintings’ Galleri Jeune, Kolsva

2014 ’Brave New World Order’ Degree-show at Akademin Valand, Göteborg

2013 ‘Feet 4 Hands’ Galleri Rotor, Göteborg

2011 'Incomplete, Incorrect Map of the Universe' Temporart, Västerås

Group Shows

2023 (-22, -21, -19, -18, -17, -16) ArtMobileArtFair, Västerås Konsthall

2021 'L-O-C-A-L-I-S-M', c/o Henrik Haukeland, Västerås

2021 'Vad Är Nytt', Nya Fabriken, Göteborg

2020 'Return to Continue', CG Gallery, Malmö

2020 ‘<insert_title>’, CG Gallery, Malmö

2020 'The Curse of Knowledge', Upper Hand, Göteborg

2020 'Kronisk Ambivalens' Stenhuset Konsthall, Surahammar

2018 'Ur Aska' Västerås Konstmuseum

2017 ‘Föränderlighet’, Skulpturparken, Ängelsberg

2016 'Supermarket Art Fair' c/o YTAN, Stockholm

2016 'Vårsalongen' Liljevalchs, Stockholm

2015 'Decembersalongen' Katrineholms Konsthall

2014 ’Fast Forward’ Göteborgs Konsthall

2013 ‘As if Silence(s)’ Tjolöholm Slott, Kungsbacka kommun

2013 'In the Belly of the Whale' Galleri Rotor, Göteborg

2012 'Collage/Assemblage Centennial' IMCAC, Santa Fe, NM, USA

In Public Collections

Statens Konstråd

Göteborgs Stad

Region Stockholm, Danderyds Sjukhus

Region Jämtland Härjedalen

Västerås Konstmuseum


2023 Region Västmanlands Kulturstipendium

2021 Konstnärsnämnden, 1-year working grant

2021 Göteborgs Stads Kulturstipendium

2020 Konstnärsnämnden, Krisstipendium #2, and 2021 #3

2020 Tillfälligt Stipendium, Göteborgs Stad

2018 Konstnärsnämnden, 1-year working grant

2017 Konstnärsnämnden, travel grant

2014 Eric Ericsons stiftelse

2014 Otto och Charlotte Mannheimers fond


2023 Gerlesborgsskolan, Sweden

2017 ‘Herhúsið’ Siglufjörður, Iceland

2016 'AiR Tranås' (Kultivera), Sweden

2014 '(S)elswhere' Sel, Norway

In Publications

2020 ‘Physis / Decay’, with Hannah McDonald

2017, Average Art Magazine, July issue

2017 ‘AIOLOS #55: Dark Ecology’, Comp.Lit Magazine

2013 ‘Oskickade Brev, Staying for Dessert and Other Short Stories’

2012 ‘Att Segra Ger: Att Överleva’, fanzine


2022 'LETTERS II' Project continuation c/o Kultivera, Tranås

2021-2022 'ASK - Arbetsfält för Samtida Konst' Konstfrämjandet Västmanland

2018-2020 ‘LETTERS’, Project c/o Kultivera, Tranås 

2017 ‘GROSSESTREFFEN’ Nordic Embassies, Berlin